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Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Needless to say, these are major online SNS sites.

In addition to these, there are other big SNS sites in Japan. Mixi is an example.

There are so many SNS that I can’t easily keep track of them all.

Some friends mainly use Twitter and others mainly use Facebook.

When I have some things I want to share(photos, messages, quotes, etc) I have to post them to each site individually!

There are tools which enables you to post to multiple SNSs at the same time, though I still feel annoyed with the situation.

I wonder how other people handle these services.


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How many times did I try to write my journal each day habitually?

I’ve been trying to grow accustomed to writing each day, but my brave challenge ended in failure each time I tried.

Recently, I tried to write my Japanese diary at first.

It’s not a journal, but it’s a private memorandum which is about daily events.

I think that if a man can’t write his journal in mother language habitually, he also cannot write a journal or diary in another language.

I’m using an online blog service and writing in my diary each day.

These articles can only seen by me because I write them in private mode.

Until now, I’ve continued writing in my diary for a month.

I also want to start writing in my English journal again too.

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