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Editing html

When people make websites, they should write a html code.

A html code is like program code, and it creates the appearance and design of the website.

There is a special html editor for making websites.

It’s a “Dreamweaver”, and is developed and sold by Adobe Corp.

A lot of web developers use this editor, because it can view  both html  code and the appearance of the page at the same time.

I also use this tool, but I often use the ordinary editor more.

A text editor cannot view the website’s appearance, but it is easy to understand once people get used making websites and html codes.

I guess there are a lot of people who usually use text editors.


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In winter, Tokyo usually continues to have nice weather.

This week, Tokyo’s weather was almost fine, and some days ago there were no clouds  in the sky — yes, I couldn’t find a single cloud!

It’s good to have nice weather, but Tokyo’s winter is also dry.

People who has relatively delicate skin or throat, are annoyed by this season’s dry air, so they should be careful.

Anyway, sunny days makes me happy.

Tokyo's sky in Winter

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I wrote about dangerousness of YouTube and how it robs me of my time so much before.

Now, I find that this dangerous online video service intends to rob me of more of my precious time!

YouTube started a service named “YoutTube disco”!


In this service, all you have to do is enter your favorite musician’s name.

Then it will make up a list of the musician’s videos and other videos which should be similar to your favorite musician’s flavor.

How dangerous! Though how attractive!

Once I tried it, I couldn’t help entering my most loved musician’s name in the form!

YouTube is really an awful thing…

I feel it’s some kind of  Pandora’s Box for me!

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Some big news was released last week.

The biggest airline company in Japan, Japan Airline, known as JAL, went into Corporate Rehabilitation Law — so called “Japanese chapter 11”.

They and their stockholders must have received a strict rehabilitation program.

JAL has been known as  a public airline governed by Japanese government.

They have transported a lot of people and celebrities, for example,  and it is known that The Beatles had also come to with JAL.

I also use JAL when I go back to my hometown.

Despite this is a really big news, Japanese people are not shocked so much, because the rumor of this topic has been circulating among us for some time.

I wish JAL would be go back to being a healthy corporation.

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I made some New Year’s resolutions.

One of them is “I, instead of my wife, will make dinner for my famly, one or two times in every month. ”

So I accomplished my first mission — yes, I made a meal for my family.

The  menu of the meal:


*Baked potatoes


That was my first cooking in a half year, but I somehow did it, and my family was satisfied with it.

Mission complete!

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When I have alcohol in my house, I can’t help checking YouTube and looking for cool videos, like musician’s video clips, dancing videos, and ANIME videos.

I often find my favorite musician’s video clip by chance, which can’t be found in the ordinary way — as it is too old, not in sales, or discontinued.

I’m really happy when I find such videos, but they annoy me because they rob me of my precious time.


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Sking, sking

I went skiing recently.

That was my first skiing in two years.

The place I went to was Ishiuchi-Maruyama, located in Niigata prefecture.


I enjoyed skiing with my family, wife and two children.

I used skiboards, which are a short type of ski, rather than ordinary skis.

That was so fun!
ski in Ichiuchi-Maruyama

ski in Ichiuchi-Maruyama

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