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Ornaments of my house

I wish you a merry Christmas!


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I love beer!

I love to drink beer.

In Japan, there are four major brewery comapnies.

Their names are KIRIN, ASAHI, SAPPORO, and SUNTROY.

Japanese brewer’s name is used as the brand name for their manufactured products.

So we used to say “buy KIRIN” (means buy KIRIN’S beer) or “buy SAPPORO”.

There is a fifth company whose name is ORION.

ORION brewer had manufactured their products only in Okinawa prefecture before,  but now they made a business tie with ASAHI, so we can buy ORION beer at supermarkets and alcohol shops.


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Japanese mobile website

I’m developing a simple system for a mobile website, and I happened to find that the Japanese mobile browser is really frustrating!

Each cell phone company expands their mobile web browser’s functions originally and each of them renders a html code in their original way, so every mobile phone displays a different mobile website completely.

It’s frustratingly like IE browser!

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Recently, my personal computer frequently restarts.

I set a recording software on my computer to record a radio broadcast of an English learning program automatically.

However, it hasn’t recorded any programs for a few weeks.

I are really disappointed because it’s my main method for learning English.

I found that it’s caused by Windows XP’s update program.

It forces my computer to shut down and restart very frequently!

It is really annoying me now!

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I once wrote about Wal-mart, Seven-Eleven adn Seven&I holdings group.

I’d like to continue talking about Japanese supermarket chains.

Seiyu, one of the largest supermarket chains, have been using promotional catch-phrase, “KY”.

It is a shortened phrase of “kakaku-yasuku”, and it means “low-price” in Japanese.

Seiyu was established in Japan and it was an absolutely Japanese supermarket chains before, but it was capitalized by world’s largest supermarket¬† company “Wal-mart”.

Wal-mart doesn’t open their original store in Japan, but strategy of them, “low price supply”, is adopted to their group company Seiyu.

There is another meaning of KY, but it’s a kind of a Japanese slang, so I won’t explain about that.

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In Japan, we can see Orion from November to March.

I love to watch constellations, and Orion is my favorite constellation.

We can see many bright stars in the southern skies in winter.

Orion has two bright stars.

One is called Betelgeuse, the red star.

The other one is called Rigel, the blue star.

In addition to the stars in Orion, there are other bright stars named Sirius and Procyon.

Along with Betelgeuse, they shape a great triangle in winter.

This triangle really fascinates me, so I always look up to the sky in winter.


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Now it’s December, and the air is so cold that I can’t go to my company without warm coat and gloves.

The number of people who wear a long coat is increasing everyday.

I have to avoid catching a cold because there are so many things to do until the end of this year.

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